Reality bites?

Skeptic Michael Shermer pitched a concept for a TV show, its theme would be debunking psychics and paranormal practitioners who are now so popular on American television. But there were no takers, according to the LA Times. Perhaps Shermer now gets it. That is, TV executives know fantasy sells better than reality.

There might be a market for contrived “reality TV,” such as CBS’s “Survivor” or MTV’s “Real World,” but apparently a dose of the real thing is not what the public wants.

TV ratings for shows about communicating with the dead or reading the future are good and that translates to revenue from advertisers. Apparently, there is little interest in skepticism, which would be a downer for viewers and thus bad for ad sales.

Let’s face it, paranormal promoters make people feel good. The dead usually have something nice or comforting to say in the current pop format and that’s reassuring. Most psychics can almost always find a silver lining, even within the darkest future. Professionals in these lines of work know how to keep their ratings up too.


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