One Santa Claus has confessed that he practices witchcraft. Bev Richardson plays Santa on Christmas, but really seems to prefer Halloween. He mixes potions, practices incantations and calls himself a “hedge witch.” He’s named his home “Castle Pook,” or is that “Kook”?

According to The Indian Express, Neo Pagans like Richardson are popping up everywhere on the Irish countryside.

The old “hedge witch” even held a conference at his castle recently. Richardson may be developing a cult following amongst the broomstick and wand set. Fifty assorted “wizards, ” “warlocks” and “witches” showed up.

Is there something magical about the British Isles? Or is this what the Irish would call “blarney”? Richardson emphasized that he and his friends are a “peace-loving community, not a bunch of lunatics.” Well, maybe harmless eccentrics and a bit odd.


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