University of California student Thad Hammerhead III lived up to his name and hammered Scientology in his school newspaper, The State Hornet. He didn’t like a promotional ad insert placed by the group in a previous issue.

Hammerhead called Scientology the “C” word and claimed the “cult” was both “predatory” and “a tool of mind control.” Ultimately, he warned The Hornet that it risked its “integrity and honor” by allowing a “proven cult” space.

A Scientologist promptly responded that he was “outraged” by the student’s remarks and then offered his own personal testimonial, extolling the group’s benefits.

Lately, it seems there are more brave students (see “The Cougar” article) slamming Scientology in school papers than there are tough journalists reporting critically about the group in the mainstream press. It appears that most media types are fearful to say much about the group due to its reputation for litigation and harassment.

One example is Time Magazine, who ran a cover story “Scientology The Cult of Greed” in 1991, but then spent years and millions of dollars before winning dismissal of a lawsuit filed against it by the “cult.”

Scientology probably won’t subject Mr. Hammerhead to similar harassment, who is despite his name, a little fish.


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