Leonardo C. Erobas, is the head of the “Espedeject Ideology: Global One Man Rule Program,” a bizarre cult within the Philippines. This group believes sexual acts with younger partners in public will somehow purify the soul.

Recently, Philippine Senators received Erobas’ manifesto. Enclosed with his encyclical were graphic photos to apparently illustrate the group’s practices, reports INQ7.net.

Some of the photos sent included minors. There is now a call for an investigation.

Erobas says he is an “author, scientist, creator, founder, inventor, journalist, writer, maker, super being.” He also believes that the spirit of Ninoy Aquino, the deceased husband of Philippine President Corazon Aquino, occupies his body.

The global cult phenomenon can be observed everywhere. And the United States certainly has its own long history of bizarre groups, many that have exploited members sexually.

Frank Jones of Brooklyn, now lives near San Francisco and calls himself “Adi Da.” His followers believe he is “God” on earth. Mr. Jones, or “God” depending upon your perspective, often seems to require sex along with worship from his acolytes. Serious allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse have surfaced repeatedly regarding “Adi Da.”

Now deceased cult leader David Berg, who seemed to prefer being called “Moses” or “Mo” for short, led the “Children of God,” which he founded in California. Berg exploited children sexually and sent out his female followers to become quite literally “hookers for Christ.”

The difference between the Philippines and the United States, is that authorities in the Philippines seem less likely to tolerate criminal acts done in the name of “God.”


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