Stewart Unholtz, the Illinois County State’s Attorney says he has “looked over the statutes, which should be applicable” to Neo-Nazi Matt Hale listing himself as an “attorney.” without any official status to practice law in Illinois.

In a phone message left yesterday Umholtz said, “A person who falsely represents himself to be an attorney not authorized to practice law for the purpose of compensation or consideration commits a criminal act.”

However, Umholtz thinks the critical words are “compensation or consideration.” He seems to think a “criminal act” must involve billing clients and/or receiving something for legal work done.

Why did Matt Hale list and/or represent himself as an “attorney” if he did not intend to do any work? Didn’t Hale hope that Illinois residents who found his name listed as an “attorney” would call him for services, or was this just a gesture to indulge his ego?

Umholtz says this matter will continue to be “looked at.”

Note: To see the original article regarding Matt Hale click here


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