The mishandling of childhood sexual abuse is certainly not confined to the Roman Catholic Church and its priests.

The Toronto Sun reports that a woman has sued Jehovah’s Witnesses for $700,00.00, for their failure to report sexual abuse.

Now 31, the Canadian housewife says she was molested by her father from 11 to 14 and the elders of her church conspired to conceal it and advised that she not to seek outside counseling. The net result according to the suit is “permanent emotional injury.”

In recent years in an apparent effort to shield assets from liability in court cases Jehovah’s Witnesses have set up a multitude of corporations. This seems strange for a group that warns door to door “the end is near.” If the Apocalypse is so imminent why does the organization strive so hard to protect its worldly kingdom?

The plaintiff in the Canadian lawsuit said, “I have so much anger … that I’m ready to fight them until the end.” Perhaps that is an end the Witnesses did not foresee.


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