In Texas, the state that gave us David Koresh and the Waco Davidians, a new cult is “brewing” quite literally.

The St. Arnold Brewing Company of Houston, Texas has developed a cult following of deeply devoted beer drinkers. So devoted in fact, they actually paid for the privilege of being inscribed on the brewery’s new water tank, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Texans must take their beer seriously and in Houston for some this has taken on almost religious proportions.

Brock Wagner owner of the brewery “obviously has done something right,” according to one expert who commented to the Chronicle. The proof is he didn’t need to pay for new equipment, instead he simply called upon the faithful to “pony up.”

But unlike David Koresh, Wagner is just stacking cases of beer, not ammunition.

Perhaps fanatical partakers of the good brewery’s product might get in trouble if they drive while under its influence, but no one is likely to make a federal case out of it.


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