Einhorn goes down

“Hippie guru” Ira Einhorn had a cult following in the sixties, but now he has nothing—not even his freedom. The 62-year-old self-proclaimed philosopher was convicted for first-degree murder yesterday. He will now spend his “golden years” behind bars, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Einhorn lived in luxury as a fugitive in France for many years, but was finally extradited on the condition that he receive a new trial. He was previously convicted for the murder of a girlfriend that wanted to leave him in absentia.

The self-styled guru may see himself as a profound thinker and philosopher, but the prosecutor seemed to nail down his historical significance better when he called Einhorn a “Fraudulent, phony…fake.” And then added, “He’s nothing,” reported the Philadelphia Daily News.

Einhorn certainly fits the classic historical profile of a destructive cult leader, who are often described as narcissistic sociopaths.

It was the open display of that personality through his own testimony that did Ira in, according to jurors. They didn’t appreciate the one-time hippie’s hubris, lies and lack of remorse.

In fact all Einhorn seemed to be concerned about, like most narcissists, was himself. He apparently felt the trial was an opportunity to proclaim his greatness. But there were no devoted followers listening this time.

A courtroom is not the ideal platform for a man like Einhorn, it is based upon facts in evidence not fiction. In the end he came across not as a profound philosopher or thinker, but instead like a counter-culture con man. He was largely undone by his own arrogance.

The former guru will now face the rest of his life without groupies. And It is doubtful Einhorn’s fellow inmates will appreciate his pedantic ramblings. If he rants to them he will more likely be punched than praised.

There were few surprises in the trial of Ira Einhorn. But the process did offer a unique opportunity to study the typical personality most often responsible for the creation and control of destructive cults.


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