Reed Slatkin was once rich, popular and a minister within the Church of Scientology. He knew many of the church elite who frequent its “Celebrity Centers” and was their respected financial advisor. Over half of Slatkin’s clients were fellow Scientologists.

Then came Slatkin’s fall from grace. He lost money, declared bankruptcy and faced criminal charges. His investment business turned sour and seemed to be little more than a classic “Ponzi scheme.” Slatkin eventually plead guilty to 15 counts of fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.

Now it has come out that one of the former financial guru’s trusted inner circle actually betrayed him. Daniel Jacobs once a Slatkin associate and confidant cut a deal with prosecutors and provided evidence against his former friend, reports Associated Press.

Can the fallen minister now seek solace and spiritual comfort from his church in what must be a time of deep personal need? No. The Church of Scientology excommunicated Slatkin earlier this year.

Apparently stealing money from its members is an “unpardonable sin.”


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