“Cult” leader Lucille Poulin testified in a Canadian courtroom that “God” told her to beat children under her control, reports the National Post.

Poulin claimed that she asked, “God, do we have to hit these little ones?” Then she explained that the beatings were “What God said to do.”

Poulin seemed to be threatening the children who reported her saying, “They all might be damned, I’m not damning them, but they’re in great danger.”

It seems that the 78-year-old former Roman Catholic nun is delusional. But when asked if she was, of course Poulin denied it.

Seemingly unfazed by the court proceedings she proclaimed, “I know without a shadow of a doubt if I died right now, I would be with Jesus in glory. I have passed judgment already. There will be no judgment for me.”

But the point is what judgement Poulin passed upon the defenseless children she brutalized within her commune. The “cult” leader claimed she was protecting them from “evil.” However, the real “evil” that threatened the children appears to have been Poulin herself.


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