Rev. Moon, founder of the Unification Church wants to build a big school in Hawaii on North Kona. He says, it would be a “boarding school.” But locals are wondering what Moon really wants in Hawaii, opines the Honolulu Advertiser.

The Marshall Islands didn’t apprecite Moon and ultimately rejected his school plans there.

Moon’s people and interests within Brazil are now under investigation regarding various criminal allegations.

So why should Hawaiians be happy about Mr. Moon wanting to move in?

It certainly doesn’t seem like anyone in Hawaii is rushing to say “aloha” to Rev. Moon and no luaus are currently being planned to welcome the would-be “messiah.”

A “boarding school” might be Moon-speak for isolated indoctrination. And the Unification Church has been repeatedly accused of “brainwashing” people at various places they call “camps” in the United States.

Maybe Hawaiians should keep a watchful eye on Mr. Moon and his minions. What’s good for Rev. Moon may not be so good for Kona.


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