Regardless of his support for some conservative causes and politicians, Rev. Moon, the founder of the Unification Church and the money behind the Washington Times, is not well received by everyone within the conservative movement.

Cliff Kincaid, a Washington based conservative writer recently denounced Moon. And when criticized for his comments, Kincaid denounced Moon again, in “TooGood Reports, The Right Stuff, for Right Thinkers.”

Kincaid doesn’t seem to appreciate Rev. Moon’s seemingly megalomaniacal insistence that he is somehow the “messiah,” chosen by God to fulfill a mission once given to Jesus.

According to Moon’s theology whereas Jesus failed, he will succeed. And despite some obfuscation by “Moonies” Mr. Kincaid pins them down regarding specific statements they have made, which confirm his conclusions.

Some religious conservatives, like Jerry Falwell, have received money from Moon. And the millions Moon transfused into Falwell’s coffers seem to have bought him some support from the past spokesman for the “Moral Majority.”

Apparently Rev. Falwell doesn’t care what Moon and his followers think about Jesus, though he seems to have fervent feelings regarding this subject when it comes to the rest of the world.

Rev. Moon also seems to buy the presence of notable leaders for his conferences, based upon hefty honorarium. He has paid for the services of President Bush Sr. and it now appears former Clinton appointee and Ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson. When it comes to photo ops Moon doesn’t discriminate against Democrats.

However, it is heartening to note that some within the conservative movement will not buy into or be bought by Rev. Moon. Hopefully, Mr. Kincaid has invoked some “right stuff” amongst “right thinkers.”


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