Arthur Allen Jr. leader of the group known as the “House of Prayer” began serving a jail term this Sunday morning, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. And he will be missing Sunday worship at his church for some time.

Allen was convicted of child cruelty and sentenced to three months in jail for the brutal beatings of children within his church. He also pulled ten years of probation, which will follow his sentence.

During his trial the proud pastor insisted upon representing himself. However, now it seems he will be relying upon more than his own resources and the “Lord.” Allen has hired a lawyer to appeal the verdict.

But regardless of whatever legal strategy Allen may employ, he is presently just another inmate at the Atlanta jail.

Some of his devoted followers also convicted for child cruelty were likewise locked up this morning.

Perhaps the “House of Prayer” leader and his brethren should convene a “Jailhouse of Prayer”? There will be no children for them to brutalize this time and they certainly are in need of prayer. Amen


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