The bizarre “cult” called the “Raelians” is at it again. Leader Claude Vorilhon (aka “Rael”) will apparently do anything for attention. First, it was cloning humans and now it’s bashing Catholics, reports the Montreal Gazette.

Vorilhon wants Canadian Catholics to renounce the faith and burn a cross to announce their apostasy. And “Rael’s” loyal minions are passing out flyers with little wooden crosses to create his latest contrived controversy.

Though the “cult leader,” who claims to commiserate with aliens from outer space, is often seen as little more than a joke by the media, Catholics in Canada aren’t laughing.

An obscure former journalist of little note, Vorilhon now 55, found his true calling when he started a “cult.”

There are an estimated 3,000 Raelians, which affords “Rael” a comfortable lifestyle. The media attention not only feeds his ego, but also helps to recruit and retain members, which ultimately means more cash flow for the former working-journalist through his new religion.


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