The Washington D.C. area serial sniper has now claimed the lives of seven people in a shooting spree that began little more than a week ago.

As in most major national crime stories speculation has been intense. What is his profile? How does he think? These are the questions law enforcement experts are now asking in an effort to catch the murderer.

A provocative clue surfaced recently when the killer left behind a tarot card upon which was written, “Dear Policeman, I am God.”

Professionals that use such cards for “readings” or “fortune telling” were quick to point out that the specific card found, known as the “death card,” was misused, reports the New York Post.

One tarot reader said the killer must have picked the card “to scare people,” clearly an observation that did not require clairvoyance.

The media has speculated that the serial sniper might be a “hate group” or “cult” member.

However, the police in this case appear to have ruled out racial or religious hatred as motivation for the murders. The shootings fit no pattern demographically and have included people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The murders also appear to be random and not a ritual, excluding the activities of a “cult.”

Tarot readers that commented for the Post got two things right, which was more common sense than an exercise in any metaphysical discernment. The sniper seeks attention and is delusional.

When this killer is caught he will probably fit the historic profile established by previous serial murderers such as San Francisco’s “Zodiac” killer or Richard Ramirez the “Night Stalker” of Los Angeles.

The serial sniper is no doubt deeply disturbed. He is likely to be a loner and not the member of an organized group. If he is a “true believer,” it is probably a commitment to his own version of religion, such as Ramirez a self-styled “Satanist.” And like Ramirez it is the sniper’s own demons that drive him.


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