WABC of New York is now running promotional public service announcements for “All Stars,” a controversial organization closely associated with the “New Alliance Party,” which has often been called a “cult.”

Leaders within the New Alliance Party are Fred Newman and Leonora Fulani, who have been described as “anti-Semitic” by prominent Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

According to New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer his Charities Bureau is currently investigating “All Stars” for irregularities and possible violations of its tax-exempt status.

The person responsible for public service announcements at WABC is Saundra Thomas. When contacted for comment she appeared to have no knowledge of the recent news stories about “All Stars,” or that Spitzer was looking into the group.

However, Thomas did acknowledge receiving recent complaints about the public service spots run by her station, but said she has no immediate plans to pull them. Thomas says she will “look into it.”

But is the news desk at WABC really that far from her office? Why didn’t WABC review the facts first before running spots that promote “All Stars”?

According to articles in the New York Post written by journalist Jeane MacIntosh, “All Stars” appears to be a “cash cow” milked by Fred Newman to fund other entities he controls such as the Castillo Theater and the East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy.

Newman is also “All Stars” paid “Artistic Director.” And the founder of “All Stars” is Newman’s devout disciple Leonora Fulani.

Fred Newman is a self-described “Neo Marxist” revolutionary who believes mental and emotional problems can be solved by “political activism.” One former “Nemanite” said, “Everything this group does is a front for advancing Fred and Leonora’s politics.”

Does WABC really want to help Newman and Fulani promote their agenda?

Certainly Mr. Newman is not a needy “Neo Marxist.” His residence is a pricey property within Greenwich Village and he is often chauffeur-driven around New York. He also likes to Summer in the Hamptons.

But more importantly, does WABC really hope parents will send their kids to “All Stars”?

Fred Newman once wrote, “The therapist…functions as a revolutionary leader, leading by forming a revolutionary relationship of sisterhood or brotherhood…which overthrows the bourgeois authority or proletarian ego.”

Ms. Fulani serves as the consulting psychologist for “All Stars” and is also a proponent of Newman’s therapy.

Do these sound like the people parents want to influence their children? Maybe WABC should have stuck with less controversial and probably more deserving organizations like the Boys or Girls Clubs?


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