A mother in Vermont says her daughter was “brainwashed” by her Internet “boyfriend.” The girl initially met him through a chat room set up for teenagers, reports the Brattleboro Reformer.

However, the New England mother eventually found out that her daughter’s supposed teenage steady was actually a California man in his 30s serving parole for a sex crime.

But by the time this came out it was too late. Her child refused to listen. The parent said, “It’s very obvious that this guy has brainwashed her.”

When the girl turned 18 she abruptly left home to move in with the man and there is now nothing the family can do about it. They can only hope that some day she will become disenchanted and return.

This is neither a unique or new story. Sinister cults and pedophiles on the Internet have recruited many young people.

In Florida one man combined both cult control and sexual exploitation. Ricardo Romero also known as Jefferson deSouza, recruited teenage boys through sci-fi chat rooms into the “Order of Bios.” The FBI ultimately arrested him for kidnapping a minor he met on the Internet, reported the St. Petersburg Times.

Most “cults” in the United States maintain websites. Through such Internet sites they often recruit new members, sell literature and generally promote themselves.

Parents should carefully monitor the Internet time of their minor children. It is possible for a destructive cult or sexual predator to literally come into a family’s home through their on-line connection.


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