Lucille Poulin the dictatorial self-proclaimed “prophet” of a “cult” commune on Prince Edward Island was sentenced to eight months in jail, reports CBC.

She brutally beat and abused children within her “Four Winds” commune.

Poulin showed no remorse at sentencing and actually seemed to threaten the judge saying, “One day, everyone will face the eternal judge to answer for what they have done.” As if the judge that sentenced her needed to worry about the eternal consequences of his decision.

Poulin ranted in a rambling pre-sentence statement about her “mandate” from “God” and justified her actions through a delusional and often bizarre understanding of scripture.

But the judge concluded, “People cannot assault children without criminal law consequences.” And added, “These children were born into this environment. They were in captivity. They took the punishment and they had nowhere to turn.”

The prosecutor noted, “There are other Lucille Poulin’s out there.”

This was something of an understatement. The rise criminal cases regarding child abuse in Canada and the United States concerning “cult” groups with children is alarming. The “Nuwaubians,” “House of Prayer” and “Church of God Restoration” are examples of this serious and growing problem.

Poulin said, “Regardless of what happens to me here, He will keep my soul from hell.” It seems doubtful that most Christians would agree with that opinion.

One thing is certain, 78-year-old Poulin now has eight months of earthly hell or at least purgatory ahead of her. And as her niece said at sentencing, “It’s her turn now for punishment.”


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