Four environmental extremists have been arrested for arson in connection to acts of domestic terrorism, reports KATU TV.

At least one of those charged has ties to the well-known radical group called “Earth Liberation Front” (ELF).

ELF has repeatedly been linked to acts of criminal violence, including a fire in Vail Colorado that remains the most destructive act of eco-terrorism in US history.

Charged but still free, is Tre Arrow. Once a congressional candidate, he is now a fugitive.

Authorities acted upon information provided by a friend of one of the suspects.

It seems that radicals like Arrow are unwilling to accept the democratic process. Rather than run for office on an environmental platform and accept the results, they apparently prefer bombs to the ballot box.

Some former members of radical groups like ELF say they are similar to “cults.” That is, members often appear to be “brainwashed” through intensive indoctrination programs sponsored by such groups.

Radical environmental groups like ELF seem to effectively recruit from amongst initially mainstream activists, who they then draw to the fringe and mold to their mindset.

Ironically, ELF claims it wants to “save the planet,” but in practice is destroying property and terrorizing citizens. Their philosophy, not unlike destructive cults, appears to be “the end justifies the means.”

As the United States conducts a “War on Terror” it is important to fight all terrorists, both foreign and domestic. A group like ELF is to environmentalism what Osama bin-Laden is to mainstream Islam. It seems they simply use ecological concern as a façade for violence.


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