In August I mentioned the Goth cult-craze in England, but it’s still popular in America too.

The Midwest is often cited for its moderation and common sense, but believe it or not, it’s also home to some Goths, reports

Living in Iowa can be boring. What’s a kid to do? Watch the corn grow?

Some young people prefer to dress in black, paint themselves up and walk around town looking a bit spooky—and not just for Halloween. An Iowa Goth says, “These few outlets are all we have.”

Many see Goth as just a “passing phase” of adolescence. And this is usually right; most devotees of this trend drop it after about five years. They seem to burn out and move on to other interests and/or fashion.

But some diehards do cling to at least a vestige of their former Goth selves. For example, they continue to dress in black, which seems to be a trend some New Yorkers in Soho may never give up.

This all seems to boil down to joining a group, which makes people feel accepted. And those who once were the odd folks out, become the odd folks in.

One Goth puts it this way; “The Gothic culture welcomes everyone freely.” Another notes, “Until I found others like me, I did feel like the outsider.”

So rather than being weird alone and lonely, some find others to be weird with and keep each other company. What’s so weird about that?


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