Healer has casualties

Benny Hinn is probably the most popular Pentecostal healer in the world; despite the fact that no healing connected to his crusades has ever been objectively proven.

But now there are some well-documented casualties.

A man had a heart attack and other medical emergencies occurred directly linked to a recent Hinn crusade, reports the BBC.

It seems that crowd control is one “miracle” beyond the scope of the preacher’s calling. Thousands of people were turned away form a Hinn event in England due to confusion over tickets and guest passes and the result was chaos.

Isn’t there something in the bible, which states that God, is not the source of “confusion”?

Hinn has developed a “cult-following” of fans that pack stadiums around the world for his tours. They say he is a “man of God” and “anointed” to do “God’s work.” And criticism of the evangelist is likely to be perceived by his faithful as the “work of the devil.”

However, Benny Hinn has frequently been criticized in media reports for faking healing and living lavishly off the cash flow provided by his ministry.

Apparently the devil is working overtime.

Interestingly, Hinn styles his hair in an extravagant comb-over to conceal a receding hairline. Why can’t the famous healer, supposedly connected to remissions of cancer and other “miracles,” take care of something as insignificant as baldness? Doesn’t “The Lord” work that way?


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