According to some parents Harry Potter the boy wizard, encourages children to journey onto a dark path that may lead them to hell.

The Monterey Herald reports that “Harry Potter books have been banned in many school libraries across the county, as some parents have denounced the book’s content as being too similar to Satanism.”

But happily, thus far it appears that children have been able to resist the devil and merely be entertained by the Potter franchise of books and films.

There is no mention of Satan within the Potter films and the author of the books has repeatedly denied such allegations. However, some parents apparently have a more active imagination than their kids do.

Once upon a time Ozzy Osbourne was the target of such witch-hunts and accusations. Now that supposed sinister Satanic influence is an “amiable…patriarch” with his own TV show, reports the Oregonian.

The times may have changed, but for some folks conspiracy theories about Satanism seem to be a permanent state of mind, which makes you wonder whose really “possessed” after all.


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