The Mormon Church (LDS) has mounted a concerted campaign to get its faithful fulminating.

LDS lost a court decision, which prevents them from controlling free speech at a plaza adjacent to their downtown temple in Salt Lake City. So now they want the easement erased that provided for such freedoms.

If you can’t win, why not change the rules of the game?

It looks live the city council may ultimately go along and give LDS what it wants. Phone calls, emails and letters are flooding in from faithful Mormons responding to their church’s call, reports the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Mayor Anderson has said “No” to the church, a word that they apparently find difficult to accept. But the mayor is being worn down by the carefully planned campaign and may not have the support of the city council.

One resident wrote in to the Tribune, that the plaza is really a “façade,” it actually forms the roof of a parking garage for temple users.

However, another “façade” that seems evident in Salt Lake City, is the illusion that some residents may have that their city government is independent. Instead, it increasingly looks like the city council acts as a “façade” for Mormon interests.

And that façade appears to be cracking.


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