Church Universal Triumphant (CUT), the creation of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, has now named the mother of Jesus to serve on its corporate board according to a recent church newsletter, reports the Billings Gazette.

Apparently the church often called a “cult,” seemingly adrift and withering since the “retirement” of its founder due to a “neurological disorder,” needs new guidance and now says Mary is helping out.

President of the group’s teaching center in LA Joe De La Garza discussed Mary’s new role in the church newsletter “Heart to Heart.”

CUT believes that its “ascended masters” can act as channels for many revered figures to communicate with the world, including Mary, St. Francis of Assisi and Jesus. St. Germain supposedly is a “co-chairperson” on its board with Mary.

CUT has gone through several organizational shake-ups in recent years. It has also had financial problems that have apparently forced the group to sell off some of its assets.

Cut’s decline appeared to begin when Prophet failed to live up to her name. She predicted a nuclear holocaust would occur in 1990. CUT even sold space in bomb shelters within its Montana compound. And when nothing happened, many disillusioned members packed up and left.

Prophet’s problems persisted when in the late 90s her daughter Erin began to publicly raise questions about what was really going on at CUT. She concluded that church practices could “be a detrimental thing.” And that following its dictates seemed to require ”putting aside your rational mind.”

It is doubtful that the proclaimed installment of Mary on CUT’s board will really change anything. With its founder first discredited and now incapacitated, diminishing membership, declining resources and repeated staff changes—Cut’s “ascended masters” look like they’re losing altitude.

Perhaps a better personage for CUT to claim for its board would be Saint Jude—the patron of lost causes.


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