Scientology’s latest big celebrity fish is none other than James Packer, executive chairman of PBL and heir to Australia’s “richest fortune,” reports the Sun-Herald.

Packer 35, was apparently recruited during a troubled period in his life. This past summer he and his wife seperated. He then received support and apparently some advice from his new friend Tom Cruise, who it seems introduced his buddy to Scientology.

Cruise may have lost one Australian for Scientology, ex-wife Nicole Kidman, but it looks like he has recruited a richer one. And whatever money the former Mrs. Cruise took with her through the divorce settlement, it would likely only be “chump change” to this wealthy Aussie, who has access to billions.

Scientology seems to be sucking Packer in fast. A Scientologist is now reportedly his “personal assistant” and he was evidently spotted at one of their Australian campuses. Packer has also traveled frequently to Los Angeles in the past year. LA is where the church maintains much of its operations and a “Celebrity Center” that caters to prominent members.

What Packer cannot know until he reaches “Operating Thetan Level 3” is that the whole “religion” is based upon a story originated by sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard, about alien beings from outer space. And the Aussie heir can only find this out after considerable paying, not just praying.

Hopefully, Packer’s father, the richest man in Australia, will check out this controversial new religion soon. After all, it was once dubbed the “Cult of Greed” by Time Magazine.

Some say that after Scientology hooks you, it’s not so easy to swim away.


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