A man identified as a “rabbi” is scheduled to speak at a Promise Keepers conference during February in Phoenix, reports the Christian Times.

But this “rabbi,” Jonathan Bernis, is actually a fundamentalist Christian and the executive director of the “Jewish Voice Broadcast.”

The so-called “Jewish Voice” is really not Jewish at all, but rather a missionary organization that targets Jews in a proselytizing effort to gain converts. Louis Kaplan, an ordained Assemblies of God minister now deceased, founded the group in 1968.

Evangelical Billy Graham has strongly disapproved targeting one group for special missionary consideration.

The so-called “rabbi” obviously does not have credentials that would be recognized by any Jewish rabbinical organization and it is doubtful that he even ever attended a Jewish seminary.

The “Promise Keepers” seem to have overlooked this. They describe Bernis as simply a “Jewish believer.” However, Jews believe in Judaism not missionary work for a Pentecostal organization.

If Bill McCartney the founder of the Promise Keepers wanted to offend the Jewish community of Phoenix, he seems to have succeeded in picking a likely way to accomplish that. What’s next for the Promise Keepers a Methodist mullah?


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