Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and Republican legislator David Duke of Louisiana will soon be entering prison.

The itinerant preacher of hate and peripatetic fund-raiser used his supporter’s contributions to fuel a non-stop gambling binge.

Duke quite literally sold his fellow bigots out. He sold a mailing list of his supporters and didn’t bother to report the income.

After returning from a European speaking “tour,” which some might see as a delaying tactic regarding pending criminal charges, Duke quickly worked out a deal with prosecutors and plead guilty this week to mail and tax fraud, reports The Scotsman.

He will begin serving a 15-month sentence in March.

Some inmates are likely to feel Duke’s rant about “white survival” is offensive. The former Grand Wizard may find it necessary for his personal “survival” to serve time in protective custody.

Wearing a hood just won’t work this time.


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