The so-called “Animal Liberation Front” (ALF), closely associated with the “Earth Liberation Front” (ELF), set fire to a mink farm in Pennsylvania, reports the Associated Press.

Apparently the activists are not concerned with the rule of law or the democratic process and have instead once again opted for criminal acts like anarchists.

The farm owner said, “They put the lives of our animals, our family and the firefighters at risk.”

It seems ironic that people, who claim they want to preserve life, have such little real meaningful concern about the lives they put in danger through their criminal acts. Thankfully, this time no one was hurt.

Critics of ALF and ELF have pointed out that radical groups like these often operate much like a “guru cult” dominated by a charismatic leader, who heavily indoctrinates followers. Subsequently, the disciples of such a leader appear to largely lose their ability to critically and independently examine the ramifications of the group’s behavior.

When examining the carnage wrought by such extremists, this observation seems to ring true.

Obviously, most animal rights advocates and environmentalists are not violent and instead chose to work within the context of democracy, much like the historic Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

It is sad that fringe groups like ALF and ELF have so little faith in the established American ideals of peaceful protest and democracy. But prefer instead to largely function like totalitarian terrorists such as Osama bin Laden, who want to force change unilaterally through violence.


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