The Raelians may not have produced a clone, but they do seem to have a publicity plan. Claim a clone is born at regular intervals and try to milk the press again.

But the press doesn’t seem to be buying this nonsense any more.

No proof whatsoever has been provided regarding their first clone claim. And the second claimed birth seems to have received scant coverage, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Raelian bishop and Clonaid CEO Brigitte Boisselier didn’t get 30 minutes for an announcement on CNN this time.

Boisselier said at her CNN press conference last month that reporters only had “one week” to treat her as a “fraud.” This was based upon her boast that proof of her preposterous claim was coming soon.

But it’s now been more than a week and Boisselier has proven nothing.

It seems safe to say that the Raelian bishop may now be regarded as a “fraud.”

Of course the Raelians have their excuses. Boisselier claims “the parents” are reluctant to have tests, reports the NY Post.


Rael also was working on a good excuse. He claimed that a “judge in Florida signed a paper saying that the baby Eve should be taken from the family, from her mother.” And thus her parents would not come forward for fear of losing their child.

Uh huh.

But no such ruling exists, reports CNN.

Joe Soucharay of the Pioneer Press summed things up pretty well. He said, “This story should not have been printed. When Boisselier called a press conference nobody should have gone. She has no credibility. The Raelians have no credibility.” He added, “They have offered no scientific or medical writings. They have produced no proof of their claims. They have not produced the mother of the child. They have not produced the child.”

Brigitte Boisselier will now likely assume her proper place in the annals of science. That is, as one of the biggest “frauds” ever recorded.

And what about Clonaid’s handpicked “expert” for verification Michael Guillen?

The “Pigasus” award winner and former science reporter for ABC seems to be in hiding and only speaking through a “friend.” His friend says, “If something doesn’t give by the end of the weekend, it’s safe to say Guillen will be making a statement at the beginning of the week,” reports the NY Daily News.

But does anyone care now about what Guillen has to say?

Guillen who describes himself as a “free lance journalist” may have trouble finding employment by a credible news outlet, though he just might pick up another “Pigasus.”

Clone claims will now become part of Raelian mythology, but there is no reason why anyone else should give this attention.


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