God’s Creation Outreach Ministry” was actually created by Neil and Christy Edgar. The Edgars are now in jail, charged with killing their son. And allegations of horrific child abuse swirl around the church and its founders.

A judge has now raised the Edgars bail from $200,000 to $1 million dollars, reports The Kansas City Star.

Maybe the Edgars can raise the money?

The church the Edgars built increasingly looks more like a business than a house of worship. The couple is now under investigation regarding both their finances and taxes.

It seems the Kansas City ministers created “a portfolio of properties and companies,” reports The Kansas City Star.

And though some of those companies were supposedly “nonprofit,” they may have provided profits to the Edgars.

“God’s Creation Outreach Ministry,” owns a fourplex, a house, vacant lots, a sanctuary and other properties in the surrounding area.

The Edgars rented out apartments and houses to their followers. However, according to their tax-exempt application, that housing was designated for charitable purposes and no rent was to be collected.

But the Edgars not only charged rent; they often pressured their tenants who were also members of the church to turn over their paychecks.

One former member said, “[Christy Edgar] got money-hungry. She was used to living the good life.”

Well, it looks like the “good life” is over for the Edgars.

And now the question is, what was “God’s Creation Outreach Ministry” a church, or a façade created by the Edgars to exploit people?

Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison said, “We’re still trying to sort out whether the church is a complete scam or a partial scam.”


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