An Oregon-based group called “Friends Landing” is apparently branching out from its insular compound, reports The Oakland Tribune.

A “holistic education center” called “Sea Touch” run by Peggy Vittoria in Hayward will soon be renamed “Spherical Reality Life Coaching Institute.”

Spherical Reality is the brainchild of WhiteWind Swan Fisher, previously known as Susan Kilborne Musumeci. She is the founder, “shaman” and leader of Friends Landing, located outside Springfield, Oregon.

Fisher has a troubled history of litigation, bad debts and bankruptcy. She was sued by a former counseling client for personal injury. And in Springfield Friends Landing has had zoning problems and been the subject of community hearings.

One family said WhiteWind “brainwashed” their son through her teachings and programs.

Now Ms. Vittoria is bringing Fisher’s teachings to Hayward.

She claims that classes in Spherical Reality will help people “figure out what they want in their life.”


Sounds like Hayward may have some potential problems brewing downtown.


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