David Pearl, once a member of a reputed Sci-fi “cult” called “BDX” entered a guilty plea regarding a murder plot, reports the Baltimore Sun.

And what about Pearl’s leader?

Scott Caruthers, the mastermind behind BDX, is using a insanity defense. His lawyer said, “Once the judge has the psychiatric report, I expect my client will be placed under the care of the state for appropriate treatment.”

However, Caruthers’ hopes he won’t be locked up in a mental hospital. His attorney says, “There is no reason that this [should] be inpatient treatment. No one thinks of him as a danger to himself or to others.”


Wasn’t Caruthers charged for planning to kill someone?

However, it is easy to see that the “cult leader” is a mental case. Amongst his grandiose claims Caruthers said he was from outer space.

Hey wait a minute, doesn’t this sound like publicity hound Claude Vorilhon, now known as “Rael,” of recent “Clone Cult” fame? The Raelian leader says his dad was from outer space.

The Caruthers case brings out the often-observed fact that many cult leaders are not exactly poster boys and girls for mental health.


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