Matt Hale wasn’t wearing a suit for his court appearance this time.

The East Peoria, Illinois resident and leader of the “World Church of the Creator” had a history of filing lawsuits and appearing in court through various actions and appeals.

But this time the would-be lawyer was more befittingly attired in a plain orange jumpsuit, the dress required for jailhouse residents.

Even though the hate group leader’s father was hoping to post $200,000 bail for his son, Hale was refused release, reports Associated Press.

A US Magistrate rejected a bail request and instead set Hale’s trial date for July.

The racist is charged with plotting to murder a federal judge who ruled against him in a lawsuit.

Hopefully, the white supremacist’s wardrobe will eventually evolve into more conservative prison garb.

Hale does seem to like uniforms, but probably didn’t have this one in mind for his wardrobe.


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