The so-called “World Church of the Creator” can no longer use its name.

The hate group founded by non-practicing attorney Matt Hale lost the right to its purported name, according to a federal judge’s ruling in Illinois, reports Associated Press.

It is not surprising that the church that originated the name in the state of Washington doesn’t like Hale abusing its good name. They want him to cease and desist immediately.

But Hale is not known for accepting court rulings. He rejects the judge’s findings and no doubt will appeal.

The one thing Hale can use his law degree for in Illinois is acting pro se. But the Illinois State Bar won’t allow the racist to practice law on behalf of any other clients.

Hale appealed that decision, but repeatedly lost.

The white supremacist has also lost two bids for East Peoria City Council.

Hale does seem to be a loser, albeit a “sore loser” and now he has even lost his name.


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