Once women became “Hookers for Christ” for the “cult” called the “Children of God,” now known as “The Family.” They engaged in what their leader “Moses” David Berg referred to as “flirty fishing.” That is, using sexual attraction to lure and then hook new members.

Berg died in 1994. And “The Family” claims it has abandoned such practices.

But apparently the Japanese “cult” Aum, now known as Aleph, is following in Berg’s footsteps.

Female Aum members are allegedly luring men to meetings, but eventually attempt to introduce them to theit “cult” leader, reports The Mainichi Daily News.

But the latest twist to “flirty fishing” it seems, is to cast the hook out on-line through the Internet.

Aum’s desperation to find new recruits has apparently caused it to embrace an old “cult” tradition.


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