Matt Hale the leader of the so-called “World Church of the Creator” apparently decided that hate mail and rage just wasn’t enough when it came to U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow.

A ruling by the federal judge riled Hale so much, according to the criminal charges now pending against him, the hate group leader planned to kill her.

Hale is now charged with solicitation of murder and may end up in prison for 20 years, reports CNN.

Judge Lefkow ruled that Hale’s group must stop using its name, because another organization that had it first objected. This ruling required Hale to destroy all material, which included the name and make appropriate changes at his Web site.

Maybe that was the “last straw” for Hale who has had one setback after another.

The Illinois State Bar rejected him and despite his law degree, Hale could not practice in that state. And he lost subsequent appeals.

Hale also lost one bid after another to become a member of the East Peoria City Council.

It just seems like Matt Hale has become a serial loser. The unmarried racist doesn’t even have his own home and instead lives with his father.

However, living with daddy must seem fine when compared to the distinct possibility of setting up housekeeping in a prison cell.

It appears that this serial loser may soon even lose his freedom.


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