The controversial “expert” introduced by Clonaid CEO and Raelian bishop Brigitte Boisselier at her “news conference,” has apparently dumped the “cult,” reports the Globe and Mail.

Michael Guillen said in prepared statement given through a PR firm, “The team of scientists has had no access to the alleged family and therefore cannot verify firsthand the claim that a human baby has been cloned. It’s still entirely possible Clonaid’s announcement is part of an elaborate hoax intended to bring publicity to the Raelian movement.”


It is interesting that it took Guillen this long to figure that out. No wonder the so-called “journalist” won a mocking “Pigasus” (“when pigs fly”) award from a famous debunker, which recognized his seeming stupidity.

Of course the Raelians will continue to spin this story and try to grab more publicity. But maybe it’s time for the media to stop rewarding them with any additional coverage for what is obviously a knowingly contrived “hoax.”


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