A multi-state sex ring based within Chicago has been busted and the leader allegedly ran his outfit like a “cult,” reports The Detroit News.

Wayne County Prosecutor Michael Duggan said, “It appears to have operated much like a cult.”

Minors were abducted and coerced to become prostitutes for their 32-year-old leader Henry “Chicago” Davis.

The coercive persuasion used was often physically brutal, but a subtler means of obtaining control through influence was also used. Evidence of this was the relative freedom of movement women in the group at times experienced, which might enable them to escape.

Davis, apparently a master manipulator said after his arrest, “Nothing is being discussed about the good I did for these women.”

So-called “cultic relationships” can include as few as only two people, when one dominates and controls another. This type of relationship has often been compared to the “battered woman syndrome.”


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