Amdi Petersen leader of the global “charity” organization Tvind, which has been called a “cult,” was released from a Danish jail this morning, reports Tvind Alert.

Members of the so-called “Tvind Teachers Group” picked up Petersen in a silver Mercedes.

Peterson still faces criminal charges for “fraud and breach of trust,” but will remain free on bail until his trial resumes in February.

A luxury condo Petersen occupied in Florida was recently sold for more than $4 million dollars.

It is said that the Tvind leader lived in luxury while his less fortunate followers often suffered in substandard living conditions.

Some fear that Petersen is a flight risk.

Tvind continues to maintain branches around the world, including some within the United States.

Tvind goes by many names such as Institute for International Co-operation and Development (IICD), Planet Aid, Humana or Humana People-to-People, DAPP (Development Aid from People to People), ADDP (Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo), UFF (Ulanashjaelp fra Folk till Folk) and NetUp.


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