Dead before delivery

The Scientology drug rehabilitation program known as Narconon, which is the basis for a pilot project now operating within a Mexican prison, will not be adapted and/or funded for any prisoners within Nevada, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Narconon has drawn considerable criticism and controversy over the years. The program is based upon the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Not even an offer for a free trip to Mexico could convince the overwhelming majority of state legislators to support a proposal by Reno Republican Representative Sharon Angle to bring the program to Nevada.

Angle first claimed it was partisan resistance by Democrats that doomed her proposal. However, when the Republican Governor of Nevada nixed her effort it seemed virtually no one was really interested.

So Scientology will not receive a reported $15,000.00 per inmate for treatment, from either Nevada or any other government source to implement its regimen of saunas, vitamins and oil rub downs that somehow are supposed to cure drug addiction.

Perhaps the controversial church, which has been called a “cult,” should stick with Scientology celebrities like Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley and Tom Cruise, who have plenty of extra cash–instead of trying to get taxpayer’s money.


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