A prison inmate claiming to be a “Hebrew Israelite” was refused kosher meals so he sued the prison system. But a federal judge has now rejected his claim, reports Associated Press.

For many years religious diets have been a part of prison life, within both federal and state correctional facilities, but this prisoner’s case may change all that.

Prison inmates often play “games,” which means they attempt to receive special treatment or get something through some sort of scheme. But it looks like this prisoner’s game backfired.

First the self-proclaimed “descendent of the biblical tribe of Judah” was interested in Protestantism, then he suddenly became a “Hebrew Israelite.”

Prison authorities apparently saw through all this and rejected his claims.

But what about the long-standing precedent of providing religious diets to those men and women in prison not running games?

Now it seems many legitimate religious people, such as Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Adventist prisoners might suffer needlessly because of one man’s scheme, which may have set a new legal precedent.


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