Many seem to think Soka Gakkai is to Buddhism what the Unification Church is to Christianity. The Japanese-based international organization has often been accused of being little more than a personality-driven “cult,” led by Daisaku Ikeda.

Soka Gakkai became known in the United States largely through celebrity involvement, such as rocker Tina Turner, who remains an avid devotee.

Members often claimed they could chant for whatever they needed or wanted. In this respect it is not unlike the equally controversial “Word of Faith” movement within Pentecostal Christianity, where adherents believe they can claim health and/or prosperity in the “name of Jesus.”

In 2001 Soka Gakkai opened a new university campus in Southern California. They promised this would be non-sectarian educational institution.

But now it seems sit-ins are in vogue again as students protest the dismissal of a popular teacher and dean, reports the Orange County Register.

The writing professor and well-known author Joe McGinniss said, “To be honest, if I were a member of Soka Gakkai, there would be no question of my (not) returning next year.”

Soon students may be chanting in protest. But this is not quite the mantra Soka Gakkai may have had in mind.


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