The Church of Scientology has had problems regarding its controversial drug program called Narconon.

So the church, once called “The Cult of Greed” by Time Magazine, has moved some of its Narconon activity south of the border down Mexico way.

Now inmates within a Mexican jail can use the same method embraced by TV star and Scientologist Kirstie Alley to get clean and purge drugs from their bodies. That process includes saunas, heavy doses of niacin and the use of cooking oil.

Sound specious?

Never mind. Nevada legislators are being asked to come down on a junket to observe the program, with their travel expenses paid for by a mysterious Arizona man, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Maybe not that mysterious, he is probably a Scientologist.

It seems that Scientology is once again looking for government money to fund its programs, like some taxpayer dollars from Nevada.

Perhaps they also hope that George Bush’s “faith based initiative” may enable them to scoop up some federal funds?

But is Narconon really based upon hard science? Or, is it instead really “faith based,” since no peer-reviewed scientific research supports it?

It looks like Scientology thinks the state known for gaming tables and slot machines may gamble that Narconon works.


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