Landmark Education originated by Werner Erhard and once called Erhard Seminar Training (EST) has had a troubled history filled with lawsuits, bad press and serious allegations made by mental health professionals regarding its programs.

However, a press release posted on Business Wire this week gushes that the for-profit privately owned company is today “a worldwide leader in the training and development industry.”

That’s “human development” or what has been perhaps more precisely called “mass marathon training.”

Landmark presents many group seminars and courses beginning with the Forum.

Despite the controversy that has swirled around this group it seems that Werner Erhard, once known as a Jack Rosenberg, and his “technology” have not only survived, but prospered and grown bigger than ever.

So successful in fact that Landmark has now launched “Phase II” of their website expansion project.

Not only will Landmark recruit new customers for its controversial courses through the site; the company also envisions a kind of subculture for its graduates made possible through the Internet.

The release says, “Now…’Landmark Connect’…allows graduates of Landmark’s programs to meet each other…capitalize on job opportunities and find roommates.”

Taking courses together, working together and rooming together?

Doesn’t this sound just a little bit spooky?

Don’t expect multi-millionaire Erhard to hook up for a roommate anytime soon.

Werner is happily frolicking with his honey Hanukkah Spits on the beach in the Cayman Islands–as millions keep rolling in annually just as steadily as the tide.


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