Madonna may be “shielded by psychic armor,” but the middle aged former “sex kitten” who now wants to talk about “serious issues” is getting a bit boring, or so it seems in an article recently run by W Magazine.

Could this be at least partially due to her spiritual work out schedule, which includes “several nights a week” at the “Kabbalah Center”?

Madonna certainly has become a devotee of this group that has been called a “cult.”

But she says, “I think the Kabbalah is very punk rock.”

Maybe Madonna’s right; Berg’s brand of “Kabbalah” has been criticized by scholars as more of a pop creation than traditional study of “Jewish mysticism.”

Madonna’s career is troubled. The pop diva’s film “Swept Away” was a flop and Elton John described her song for the movie Die Another Day as “the worst Bond tune of all time.”

Never mind, Madonna has more important things on her mind, “I need to stay focused on my spiritual studies,” she says. And claims to be “tired of shallowness.”

But wasn’t it the “shallowness” of the “material girl” that made her a pop icon in first place?

Madonna now even questions the basis of her stardom and says, “What was I really trying to prove.” And claims, “I’ve been given this place in the world for a reason.”

OK. But the once sharp-witted, go it alone woman looks like she may have lost her edge.

It seems that even the star’s sense of style may have been dulled by her spiritual quest.

Commenting on a recent fashion shoot Madonna said, “I can’t tell you how boring it is posing for pictures. It’s so boring. If I don’t feel like I’m creating something that means something, I don’t want to do it.”

The diva defines this mission for meaning as a “real responsibility…to bring light to the world and make the world a better place.” And adds, “That’s what I should be focused on thinking…Not-you know-being a ‘pop diva.'”

Is this just all about an aging “pop diva” trying to rationalize a fading career? Or does this reflect a transformation brought on by “cult” involvement?

Madonna says, “I change. I evolve. People can’t understand that…Maybe that’s what people find unsettling about me. But that’s so boring.”

But what seems really “boring” is this “change” and posturing produced by Madonna’s most recent evolution.

And it looks like other stars deeply involved within groups called “cults” may “evolve” that way too.

Witness the winding down of John Travolta’s career in one boring formula film after another. Even Tom Cruise’s last few efforts have been boring.

Both stars, like Madonna, constantly comment about the importance of their group and how it has changed and/or evolved their lives. Cruise and Travolta are both committed to Scientology.

However, Oscar winner Nicole Kidman who has apparently left Scientology doesn’t seem to have evolved too badly.

Maybe Madonna should call Kidman for advice and reconsider what she is “focused on thinking.”


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