The so-called “militias” are at it again, apparently trying to generate interest and attention in the waning movement. And their latest scheme for attention seems to be “homeland security,” reports the Contra Costa Times.

Some “militia” groups say this has improved their ongoing recruitment efforts.

One leader claimed, “The militia should be used to provide security and to put down civilian unrest. It should be called a militia, it’s not a four-letter word.”

Maybe the “four letter word” here should be “crap.”

If these guys really wanted to help out they could join the National Guard, Army Reserve or just enlist.

But the only thing these anti-government extremists want to do is play army.

Montana resident John Trochman says, “They think we are a bunch of dummies.”

But Trochman is no dummy. His “militia” website looks more like a mail order business. And news reports afford him free advertising to promote his catalog product line.

One California leader said, “We don’t let in crazies and wackos.” He then elaborated how the Chinese are scouting the West Coast for an invasion.

Uh huh.

These guys would be a joke, if it wasn’t for the many arrests connected to the frequently violent movement and hate literature they often distribute.

Let’s also not forget that Timothy McVeigh was deeply influenced by “militia” rhetoric and conspiracy theories.


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