The “Montel Williams Show” today featured actress Kelly Preston the wife of John Travolta in a program titled “A Mother’s Crusade.”

The show is actually a rerun that was initially aired in early December of last year.

Ms. Preston claims her “crusade” is prompted by a personal experience. Her son Jett Travolta was diagnosed with “Kawasaki Disease,” which may have been caused by exposure to carpet cleaner.

Montel Williams, often an advocate regarding children and health issues, says on his website that Preston wants “to help parents safeguard…children from environmental toxins.” The actress is also involved in a non-profit organization called the “Children’s Health Environmental Coalition” (CHEC)

Jim and Nancy Chuda founded CHEC after their five-year-old daughter Colette died from a rare form of cancer in 1991, which they believe was due to exposure to toxins within the environment.

Colette Chuda was the goddaughter of singer Olivia Newton-John. Newton-John, also supports CHEC, she and Kelly Preston recently appeared together in a CHEC educational video.

But is Kelly Preston using this issue to promote Scientology?

Both Kelly Preston and her husband John Travolta are devout members of the Church of Scientology.

On the Montel Williams show Preston repeatedly promoted the book “Clear Body Clear Mind” by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. And calls Hubbard’s approach to purging toxins from the body “brilliant.”

Preston also apparently used “Montel” as a venue to feature her fellow Scientologist Michael Wisner. He was introduced as the “Toxicologist to the Stars.” Wisner then also promoted Hubbard’s teachings and a for-profit private clinic in Sacramento.

However, the touted “Toxicologist” apparently failed to help his own son Gregory Wisner who died with the toxin cocaine still present in his body, after being involved in a program that featured his father’s approach.

Wisner’s son participated in a detoxification drug treatment program called Narconon, which is based upon the very same process Preston described on Montel to “clear” the body of toxins.

Scientologists more commonly call this process the “Purification Rundown.”

The National Institute of Health advised one expert that there is “no peer reviewed scientific literature to support this program.”

Subsequently the Swedish expert concluded within his final report, “There is no documentation to show that the Hubbard method of detoxification…conforms to scientific standards and medical experience.” And that “the risks and side effects of the treatment method have also not been evaluated in a serious way.”

However, no possible “risks and side effects” were ever mentioned on the Montel Williams Show.

Nor are any reports cited that the Hubbard approach to “clear” the body by sweating in saunas and taking large doses of niacin may actually cause liver damage.

Montel’s show today was devoid of any meaningful critical balance that might help viewers develop a more informed understanding about this supposed process of “purification.”

Instead, Williams provided a platform for Kelly Preston to essentially use his show much like an infomercial to promote her Scientology beliefs.

However, Preston and Wisner scrupulously avoided even mentioning the “S” word (Scientology) explicitly.

Interestingly, Jett Travolta, who did not appear on the show, is rumored to suffer from autism. This illness was another issue never mentioned during the program.

Apparently, L. Ron Hubbard’s “Clear Body, Clear Mind” is unable to end autism.

Autism is a neurological disorder. And despite all the heavy promotion, L. Ron Hubbard was not a medical expert or even a doctor. It appears that the Travoltas have not consulted the proper specialists in the field to address their son’s condition and instead have relied upon Scientology.

But don’t expect Kelly Preston to discuss this on “Montel” either.

It seems that Montel Williams, Olivia Newton-John, the Chudas and CHEC are being used as pawns by Scientology through Kelly Preston.

This is not new.

Scientology frequently uses its celebrity members like John Travolta, Tom Cruise and others to advance various programs and essentially shill and/or recruit for the organization.

Sadly, it looks like Montel may have unknowingly become the latest shill for Scientology.


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