It’s official, Rev. Arthur Allen Jr. is now “on the lam.”

The leader of the group known as the “House of Prayer” was convicted for “child cruelty” and then sentenced to jail time and ten years probation.

But Allen, who once claimed he “should be congratulated” and “given a medal” for the brutal beatings of children within his church, apparently won’t allow any court to lord over him.

So instead the pastor chose to skip town along with some of his flock. He is now a wanted fugitive, reports the WXIA TV in Atlanta.

Allen previously proclaimed that the terms of his probation would not allow him “to preach all the Bible” and that would be “just ungodly.”

However, most Christians would readily observe that the whippings House of Prayer children endured were “ungodly.”

The fleeing pastor will eventually be caught and have a “day of reckoning.” This won’t be his final judgement, but it will likely require extended incarceration. Allen can then “preach all the Bible” behind bars.


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