Arrest warrants have been issued for the leader of a controversial church in Georgia called the “House of Prayer” and two of his followers, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Rev. Arthur Allen Jr. has apparently violated the terms of his probation, the result of a criminal conviction for “cruelty to children.”

Allen and church members routinely engaged in brutal beatings and whippings of children.

The leader and his followers had agreed to stop such discipline as a term of their probation. But it seems the fanatical Allen and his flock may have failed to follow that agreement.

Throughout the trial and subsequent press coverage Allen always appeared arrogant and unwilling to submit to any authority other than “God.”

However, Allen like many other fanatical leaders, seems to rely upon his own interpretation of what “God” wants, based upon his understanding of scriptures.

It appears the pastor has no meaningful accountability to a denominational authority, or an independently elected board that may fire or discipline him.

In what seems like an effort to retaliate against child protection services and the courts House of Prayer members have recently filed a federal lawsuit, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Regardless of whatever litigation his followers may file Allen seems destined to spend time soon within jail. Perhaps the pastor may make the jailhouse, his new “house of prayer.”


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