It looks like Falun Gong networks its members for managed media events. The group, which has often been called a “cult,” staged such demonstrations recently in New York City.

One march took place in Flushing, NY and included group members that flew in from around the US and internationally, from as far away as Taiwan and Australia. They all pay their own expenses.

The same Falun Gong faithful often travel from protest to protest, which hardly seems spontaneous.

Instead, this appears to be orchestrated and carefully coordinated by a well-organized network of Falun Gong devotees, that have become very media savvy. And some must work closely with their leader Li Hongzhi, who lives in exile within the United States.

One demonstrator claimed, “We feel as though Chinese people in America have been subjected to propaganda of the Chinese government, saying Falun Gong is evil and practitioners of Falun Gong are crazy,” reports Fresh Meadows Times.

Hongzhi’s disciples handed out tracts while marching through Flushing and also while demonstrating at Times Square in Manhattan.

“We’re clarifying truth by just walking around,” one Falun Gong follower said.

That “truth” includes the claim made by Li Hongzhi, that there is a conspiracy concocted by alien beings from outer space for “embedding technology in human minds…[to] control thoughts.”

Don’t worry though, Hongzhi will supposedly save humanity. That is, those who listen to him and follow instructions.

One Falun Gong follower in Times Square said, “We build tolerance for our fellow man,” reported Newsday.

However, such “tolerance” should not include everyone, according to Hongzhi.

The Falun Gong leader preaches that “mixed-race people [are]…instruments of an alien plot to destroy humanity’s link to heaven.”

His view of homosexuals is even harsher. Hongzhi once stated publicly that gay people will be ”eliminated” by ”the gods.”

The Falun Gong founder, like most “cult” leaders, appears to cynically manipulate his followers.

He uses them to promote his own agenda, which ultimately includes recruitment and personal aggrandizement. And while his disciples may suffer and/or struggle, Hongzhi lives in relative comfort.

Devout Falun Gong’s believers have refused medical care due to their leader’s controversial teachings. This has resulted in suffering and death.

Some Falun Gong fanatics have chosen suicide by self-immolation, as a form of protest. A mother even set fire to her child. Falun Gong later claimed it had no responsibility in the tragedy.

These facts might prompt many Chinese and non-Chinese alike to say, “Falun Gong is evil and practitioners of Falun Gong are crazy.”


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